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Why I Practice

For a long time, I thought yoga was crazy. Why would I want to stretch and bend or spend an hour “breathing?” Well… I finally took a class, and I was totally wrong. 

Yoga was incredibly interesting to me; I hated working out by lifting weights or running on a machine, I prefer to be active and get passive exercise. Yoga became purposeful in a way none of the other athletic activities ever were. 

The challenge and focus on breathing quieted my mind and almost reset my mood from the time I entered the room. This gave me more than a solid work out, it gave me a way to release my stress.

Before my first class, I was convinced it was impossible to shut out the world for an hour to have some transcendental experience on a mat in a hot sweaty room. What I discovered was something so uniquely personal and challenging that I had to do it more.

I decided to commit to 30 days in a row of yoga, some friends had done this in the past and I thought ‘what the hell!’ After that I noticed such a change in my body and state of mind. I was more relaxed, my back wasn’t as sore… I was converted.

I needed to learn more, I started doing research and taking private lessons. If not for amazing classes and guidance from Desiree Lapre-Grobstein and Anton Mackey, I wouldn’t have been pushed to take a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Madison Improvement Club. Within that training, I learned so much about myself, and I was also pushed to teach. 

What I hope to share is a really practical approach to adding yoga into your life. I started out a few years ago, unable to touch my toes or the floor without squatting… I’m proof positive… anyone can take on a challenging yoga practice and succeed!